• The Wydown Middle School literacy curriculum engages students through seven essential classroom practices: shared reading, independent reading, assigned writing, self-selected writing, discussion, inquiry and demonstrations. These classroom practices foster continued growth in the District’s Enduring Understandings:

    • Social Interaction:  Reading and writing expands perspectives, shaping compassionate local and global communities. 

    • Personal Growth:  Readers and writers are empowered to discover and explore personal and intellectual passions, to embrace ambiguity and to grow in head and heart.

    • Inquiry:  Readers and writers ask questions not just to find the answers, but to make sense of the world around them. By sharing their wonderings and new understandings, they sometimes challenge the status quo.  

    • Aesthetics:  Readers and writers benefit from exploring a wide range of texts to broaden their appreciation for the power of language and to expand their ability to express themselves and inspire others. 

    • Systems:  Readers and writers understand that structures, conventions, and roles of language differ so that they can approach a text in different ways and for different purposes.   

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