•  G小姐. with her students in South Sudan

    Welcome to Wydown Middle! 我的名字是 Rebecca Groves, and I am the 读写能力 teacher for 6西.  


    With over 29 years of experience in both elementary and middle school, I am pleased to announce that every year is 仍然 filled with new learning, surprises, delights and wonders.  While my early career years were spent teaching elementary students the fundamentals of reading and writing, my later years (19+) have been dedicated to the middle school setting. After completing my Masters degree in Integrated 课程 and Design, I took a position for two years as a marketing coordinator for a current events newspaper for kids, where I was able to expand my skill set as well as use my love of writing to contribute several articles and teacher's guides. For the past seven years I've been an integral part of a village school in the country of South Sudan, where I've spent time during the summer to work both with kids and the native teachers.

    I'm always up for an outdoor adventure and love to hike, camp, and kayak. Having grown up in a big family there was always a hustle and bustle of activity going on all the time! Lots of commotion does not phase me! 
    My own middle school years hold cherished memories for me, largely due to the dedicated and passionate teachers I was fortunate to have at my school. I look forward to being a part of your own middle school journey!

    I am so looking forward to getting to know your child through exploring our own writings and the writings of others in literature. There is so much that I can learn from them! 





    Contact Information:
    Rebecca Groves, 6W 读写能力
    Subject Manager