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    It is hard for me to believe that this is my 27th year of teaching at Wydown!  I spent the first nine teaching drama in the arts' wing.  Since then, I have been teaching 8th grade literacy on team 8West.  I am excited to work with all of the students and am thrilled to be working with my wonderful team.

    8th Grade Literacy Curriculum includes:

    - Writing Workshop
    - Global Literacy Unit
    - Core Text "Speak"
    - Core Text "12 Angry Men"
    - Persuasive Literacy Essay

    Other Requirements:

    - Independent 阅读
    (at least 30 minutes a day, 3 times per week)

    - Independent Writing
    (at least 3 entries per week)

    Visit our team website for more information about upcoming team events, core class homework, and class materials.

    Essential Question:

    What does it mean to be a responsible person within a community?

    Contact Info:

    电子邮件: robertmaesaka@claytonschools.净
    school phone: (314) 854-6400, ext. 6502
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