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CHS Students Represent the District at the 2022 DECA Competition

CHS students had an amazing day at the District 8 DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) competition. Over 50 students represented Clayton in this competition. Of those students, 35 qualified for the State Career Development Conference on March 13 - 15.


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. We are very proud of our students and encourage you to congratulate all of them on a job well done. The results of the competition are below:


Ella Macdonald, Apparel and Accessories: 2nd place

Ilse Griffey, Apparel and Accessories: 1st place

Alexander Slen, Business Finance: 2nd place

David Liang, Entrepreneurship: 2nd place

Prakash Ramakrishnan, Entrepreneurship: 3rd place

Christian Kujawa, Food Marketing: 3rd place

Owen Gelzer, Hotel and Lodging Management: 2nd place

Charlie Miller, Human Resources Management: 3rd place

Aashna Doshi, Marketing Communications: 1st place

Isabella Ross, Restaurant and Food Service: 2nd place

Tatum Ladner, Sports and Entertainment: 2nd place

Ben Siwak, Sports and Entertainment: 3rd place

Beacan Mottle, Principles of Management: 3rd place

Charlie Black, Principles of Hospitality: 3rd place

Soren Steinbecker, Principles of Marketing: 3rd place

Isra Kayani and Ayden Simckes, Business Law and Ethics Team: 1st place

Kate Freedman and Kaia Mills-Lee, Buying and Merchandising Team: 1st place

Paige Conrad and Maci Klaus, Financial Services Team: 2nd place

Max Hagemeister and Alex Hagemeister, Hospitality Services Team: 1st place

Jeremy Cohn and Taayan Khurana, Travel and Tourism Team: 1st place

Willa Melander and Sarah Taylor, Community Giving: 1st place

Paige Rawitscher, Innovation Plan: 2nd place

Emma Sandquist and Kate Freedman, Start-up Business: 2nd place

David Liang, Independent Business Plan: 1nst place

Hannah Do and Kathryn Smith, Integrated Marketing Plan - Product: 2nd place

Julia Mann and Addy Whitesell, Integrated Marketing Plan - Service: 1st place